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City park located right in Dynamic Saigon

It has a large-scale, high-class urban area, it is a large-scale. Vinhomes Grand Park included luxury apartments, luxury villas, office block – trade – service, … great utilities and landscapes, … become Smart Park City in dynamic Saigon.

  • Project name: Vinhomes Grand Park
  • Scale up to 271.8 ha
  • Construction density: 22.53%
  • 15 parks in 36ha park
  • More than 150 outdoor sports courts
  • More than 100 BBQ spots
  • 11 outdoor swimming pools
  • More than 60 children’s playgrounds and stadiums
  • More than 1,000 outdoor gyms across the metropolitan area
  • The school system is full from preschool to inter-level of Vinschool, other  private and public schools
  • Hospitals and medical facilities provide adequate medical care for residents of the Urban Area
  • Vincom Mega Mall shopping  center with variety of Shophouse and service t to meet the demand of residents.
  • The 45-storey mixed office building – where many offices and branches are located, helps residents to work within the area.




Vinhomes Grand Park Project is a High-end Smart city in Ho Chi Minh City organized to operate as a model of smart urban  like Singapore, Songdo of South Korea, Fujisawa of Japan, and other smart cities in Europe – America countries.

Accordingly, the smart ecosystem is based on 4 core axes, including Smart Management (intelligent operation), Smart Security  (security, smart and safety),  Smart Community (smart community), Smart Home.

Vingroup desire “A better life for the Vietnamese”, create a model of smart urban metropolis in pure nature – a pure product branded Vinhomes in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vinhomes Grand Park promises to make District 9 quickly become the new center of the city.



Smart multi-layer camera system integrating artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to alert strangers to enter the urban area. Detect and analyze misconduct (theft, breaking into areas not allowed …), identify incidents (fights, traffic incidents, …) and send alerts to the Center for timely handling.

Elevated floor control system with face ID (Face ID) feature provides high security and safety for residences.

Intelligent fire warning system sends fire alarms and instructions for escape via Smartphone, help The owner know the incident even when absent and handling situations quickly, access the camera at some intersections in the Urban Area so that residents can take the initiative in traveling. The large radar plate panels display vehicle speed enhance traffic safety in urban area.

The environmental pollution warning system via residents’ app (App) provides humidity, temperature, air quality, pollution alerts, advice to residents, help proactively protect your health and your family.



  • Operating center concentrates 24/7 application of the most advanced technology (AI artificial intelligence, IoT Internet of all things) in supervising and operating the Urban Area professionally, helping to solve problems quickly and promptly.
  • Wifi system with wide charge in urban area, helping link residents become easier than ever.
  • Smart Intercom system connecte directly from apartment to the lobby helps the owners can actively open the door for guests; using digital technology to connect directly the owner’s Smartphone and apartments together.
  • Smart parking system helps to find vacancies through application (App) residents, automatically identify license plates and pay non-cash, bringing maximum convenience to residents.




Introduce e-commerce features through residents (App) application to actively payment, cashless shopping. Besides, providing complete information about services – utilities in the Urban Area and direct digital interaction with management, help residents easily reflect information and set utility schedules according to needs. Activate Smart Kid Pay package so that children can be equipped with financial management skills and learn how to consume everyday. The online system connects smart communities helps residents communicate and enhance engagement.



(Commercial products provided on demand)

Provides Smart Homes service packages (smart apartments) version controlled by phone, voice and sensor applications. Smart bracelet products for families in need, help monitor location, path, record movement data, sleep, heart rate … have emergency button to report about family member  in case there is a problem.



with  36ha of variety, unique 15 theme parks

Living immersed  in the ecological space, at the intersection of two rivers to enjoy fully every moment

Inspiration for daily exciting life is a journey of experience in a pure natural region right in the city,  the 36-hectare Southeast Asia’s premier riverside park is integrated model with many parks in one. Vinhomes at Grand Park, residents of all ages can experience and explore up to 15 extensions theme park



Vinhomes Grand Park owns the “golden coordinates” of a desirable real estate project, “Near the river, near the main road”. In particular, with good feng shui , it bring fortune and luck to residences, with 2 sides covering by Tac river and Dong Nai river. The transportation network is convenient, flexible and continues to be improved in the future, promising great potential for development of this Project.

  • Vinhomes Grand Park get extensive transport infrastructure,near high-tech zone 2, Thu Duc Golf Course, Suoi Tien Ecotourism Area, Fulbright University …
  • In the future, Ring Road 3 will be the main road, helping Vinhomes Grand Park to connect directly and quickly to the city center, as well as satellite cities of Long An, Dong Nai and Can Tho.
  • Long Dai Bridge crosses the Tac River, extending from Ring Road 3, connecting Vinhomes Grand Park with Long Thanh – Dau Giay Highway and connecting two high-tech zones.
  • Nguyen Xien Street and Nguyen Duy Trinh Street connecting District 2 with District 9
  • Near by Metro Line No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien.
  • Moving quickly to the airport of Tan Son Nhat and Long Thanh airport.
  • Owning a premium marina right in the urban area.

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