Project information


vinhomes dream city

Project information

  • Name project: Vinhomes Dream City
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Location project: Văn Giang, Hưng Yên City
  • Main construction contractor: Coteccons
  • Scale up to: ~450ha
  • Management and operation: Vinhomes
  • Total project investment: 33,000 billion VND
  • Development type: All in One: Vinschool,Vinmec hospital and clinic, other utilities lik mall and supermarket,…
  • Project legal: 50 years ownership under current state law

#thông tin dự án

Vinhomes Dream City Hung Yen project is a project implemented by Vingroup in Hung Yen. The project has a total planned plan of up to 445.4 hectares and an estimated 65,000 people living in. It is considered a super project with great attraction for investors or people who are looking for the most luxurious and convenient apartment complex in Hung Yen.

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Location project:  vị trí dự án

Vinhomes Dream City Hung Yen (Vinhomes Ocean Park The Empire) owns a prime location, when it is located on the most developed street of Hung Yen city. Located right next to the new highway 5B (Hanoi to Hai Phong).

This place is also adjacent to many arterial traffic routes of Gia Lam and Long Bien districts such as 179 - Co Linh street, Thanh Tri bridge in the direction of Phap Van 3rd ring highway. And the major routes are as follows:

  • North: adjacent to DH district street 17
  • South: bordering on cultivated land in communes: Tan Tien, Vinh Khuc
  • East: bordering cultivation land and land in Nghia Tru commune
  • West: bordering Hanoi - Hai Phong highway
  • Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area – Gia Lam
  • National highways 5A, 5B
  • Adjacent to the EcoPark urban area and Dang Xa urban area
  • Only 8km from Aeon Mall - Long Bien supermarket

ảnh vị trí vinhomes dream city

In addition to the current location advantages, the north of the Vinhomes Dream City project area, typically the ring road 3.5 in the north of the project, has now been approved for planning as well as planting boundary markers. So in the future, when Metro line 8 comes into operation, it will help residents living here easily connect with Ha Dong district.


Apartment Design: thiết kế căn hộ vinhomes dream city

The apartments at Vinhomes Dream City have an outstanding design with a neoclassical and luxurious style but still exude inherent modern features to optimize the area and use capacity for future owners. Most Dream City apartments are designed according to the latest standards of Vingroup investor, ensuring that the space inside the apartment can receive the most wind and natural light.

Moreover, the apartment buildings in the project are planned with a moderate density, prioritizing the creation of green space and entertainment space around the apartments for residents.

ảnh căn hộ vinhomes dream city

In particular, the interior architecture of Vinhomes Dream City apartments in Hung Yen is considered to be of international stature with optimal design comforts and long-term values.


Local utilities Vinhomes Dream City:tiện ích vinhomes dream city

Vinhomes Dream City Hung Yen will be built by the investor with a synchronous, high-class utility ecosystem, worthy of the elite owners who come to live in the great urban area.Diverse utility chains are comprehensively developed in the area according to the closed model of All - In - One (all in one destination) from medical, educational, commercial, entertainment, shopping, dress, office...The diverse internal utility chains Vinhomes Dream City brings can be listed as follows:

  • Vincom Mega Mall is the largest shopping mall in the Southeast region of Hanoi.

  • Vinschool brand international school system


  • Vinmec polyclinic


  • Vinmart supermarket system


  • The system of green trees, internal flower garden park


  • Children's play area


  • System of outdoor sports machines


  • High-class GYM and Spa


  • 4-season swimming pool system, outdoor swimming pool…


  • The Clubhouse community house organizes meals, conferences, seminars…


  • Security system, safe 24/24


  • Metro train system welcomes the future of Metro line 8


hình ảnh tiện ích vinhomes dream city

Out-of-town facilities

From the project, it only takes 15 minutes to go to the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area, where there is a 6.1ha saltwater lake, the prestigious VinUni International University, and the Vinmec Hospital to start construction in 2022 (the largest hospital in the district Gia Lam).

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In addition, by 2023, VinGroup will build a VinWonder entertainment area opposite the Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam project. Residents living in Vinhomes Hung Yen urban area go to Vinwonder amusement park for about 15 minutes. The collection road along the Hanoi - Hai Phong highway is built by VinGroup to expand 12m on each side, making traveling very quick and convenient.


Development potential:

Vinhomes Dream City is located in a prime location, connecting with other provinces via highways and ring roads quickly. Therefore, when living in Vinhomes Dream City, future residents can easily move to neighboring areas such as Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, etc.

Possessing a great position, convenient transportation infrastructure, Vinhomes Dream City is far enough away from the pollution and bustle of the city, yet close enough to be immersed in nature, because this is the land surrounded by fresh air and green river.

 tiềm năng vinhomes dream city

Vinhomes Dream City is also located in an area that has been planning many other large-scale projects. The real estate value of this place is still growing at a stable rate, the future profit potential is very clear. When the adjacent large projects officially hand over their houses, residents flock to live crowded, along with a more synchronous regional service system, Hung Yen will surely become a "fertile" land with huge profits.


Reputation from the developer:

As of 2020, Vinhomes Joint Stock Company is operating 23 real estate projects under the Vinhomes brand name with a total of more than 50,500 apartments, villas, and commercial townhouses. A series of urban or mega-urban projects across the country such as Vinhomes Riverside, Vinhomes Royal City, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Grand Park, Vinhomes Central Park…

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With its prestige and strong development in the real estate field since its establishment, Vingroup has set a new world-class standard in the field of real estate. This has contributed to bringing about a change in thinking, lifestyle and real estate market in Vietnam.

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