November's Hot Real Estate Projects


Project overview: LUMIÈRE Boulevard

· Invesloper: Ngan Thanh Corporation

· Developer: Sonkim Land

· Location: Nguyen Xien St., Long Binh and Long Thanh My District, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

· Scale: 33.672m2 with 27,9% building density, including five buildings from 22-30 floors, 2.422 apartments.

· Type of apartments

  • 1 Bedroom (50 - 53m²); 
  • 1 Bedroom + (51 - 54m²); 
  • 2 Bedrooms (67 - 76m²); 
  • 3 Bedrooms (90 - 99m²); 
  • Duplex (50 - 97m²); 
  • Penthouse (224 - 370m²); 
  • Shophouse (70 - 120m²);

· Amenities expected: Park, children's playground, swimming pool with overflowing waterfall, the floating bar in the swimming pool, supermarket, gym, outdoor cinema, botanical and herb garden.

· Legal: Long-term ownership for Vietnamese, 50 years for foreigners

· Procedure estimated time: 1st quarter of 2024

· Showhouse: LUMIÈRE Boulevard project at A12 Vu Tong Phan traffic circle, Ward An Phu, District 2, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project location

LUMIÈRE BOULEVARD owns a diamond position in the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, in Long Binh and Long Thanh My wards, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, considered an area with fast urbanization and well-invested infrastructure. As the eastern gateway of the city, from the project location, residents can quickly move into the central districts or the eastern provinces by the Thu Thiem tunnel, Hanoi Highway, and the Ho Chi Minh City - Long expressway. Thanh - Dau Giay. In addition, metro line 1 (Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien) is expected to operate in 2023, helping the district to connect with the central area quickly.

LUMIÈRE BOULEVARD easily connects with Metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien, the new Eastern bus station.

  • 3km to the administrative centre of Thu Duc City.
  • 5 minutes to the high-tech park district 9
  • 10 minutes to Thu Duc University Village
  • 30 minutes to move to the centre

Lumiere Boulevard, when quickly connecting the internal area to the utility system such as Vincom Mega Mall - Vinmec - Vinschool, promises to be the place with the most vibrant life rhythm of the East City. In addition, the main traffic routes, such as Nguyen Duy Trinh, Nguyen Xien, Do Xuan Hop, Phu Huu bridge and Tang Long bridge, are also being invested thousands of billions of dong to upgrade and expand.

Project Adaptation

The LUMIÈRE Boulevard project is built and takes full advantage of two big investors in Vietnam, including Masterise Homes and Vinhomes. The strategic handshake shakes the Vietnamese real estate market. Future residents of LUMIÈRE Boulevard will enjoy Vingroup's "all-in-one" ecosystem at Vinhomes Grand Park. From Vinschool international school system and Vinmec international general hospital to the bustling Vincom Mega Mall or Vinbus tram lines to support moving to the centre of Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, the project also possesses outstanding advantages such as:

  • The most prominent 3D green architecture in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Located right in the Thu Duc city centre, LUMIÈRE Boulevard creates a new look for a vibrant modern green lifestyle.
  • LUMIÈRE Boulevard built a unique green utility system with the most extensive vertical garden in Ho Chi Minh City, a green area covering 17,000 m2 providing a fresh living space shady.
  • World-class architectural design
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow natural light to fill the entire apartment.
  • At night, each tower is illuminated in its style.
  • The towers are covered with a green landscape; the vertical gardens follow each other from the rooftop to the ground floor.
  • Resort standard amenities 
  • Public water purifier systems can drink right at the faucet
  • Herb garden and botanical garden
  • Jacuzzi pool massage therapy
  • Outdoor cinema

Project price

The project receives a deposit of VND 50 million/unit for customers (refundable)

The estimated selling price for products in each court is different; customers can choose such as:

  • Building A: Handover raw products with selling prices in the range of 46 -54 million VND/m2
  • Building B (Basic handover standard; no kitchen; no air conditioner): selling price ranges from 53 to 78 million VND/m2
  • Building E (Basic handover standard; no kitchen; no air-conditioner): selling price ranges from 53 to 78 million VND/m2

The selling price of the Lumiere Boulevard apartment is as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment priced from 375 million
  • 1 bedroom + 1 apartment priced from 405 million
  • 2 bedroom apartment priced from 555 million
  • 3 bedroom apartment priced from 728 million

Sale policy

  • Loan support 80% of the apartment value
  • Interest rate supports up to 24 months.
  • The loan repayment grace period is up to 48 months.
  • 36 months free of international management services provided by Masterise Property Management.
  • Discount up to 12.6% for early payment and 8.1% for progress payment.
  • Flexible payment schedule with nine instalments, 10% each, 4% discount
  • Customers are especially entitled to preferential rates for buying life insurance.
  • These preeminent policies promise to help LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartment owners be proactive with their financial resources, flexibly coordinate cash flow to own valuable properties, and raise the standard of living with LUMIÈRE Boulevard.

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Project Overview

  • Project name: MT Eastmark City
  • Investor: Dien Phuc Thanh
  • Developer: Rio Land Real Estate Investment Join Stock
  • Location: Truong Luu Street, Long Truong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Scale: 149,391.7m2 with 3 subdivisions, 7 blocks of 14-22 floors. 1,933 apartments in total.
  • Type of apartments:
    • 1 bedroom (from 63,63 to 65,35 m2)
    • 2 bedroom (from 70,22 to 73,39 m2)
    • 3 bedroom (from 95,66 to 99,89 m2)
    • Duplex (from 134,98 to 195,5 m2)
    • 118 shophouses
  • Estimated amenities: Internal park, riverside park, swimming pool, relaxation pool, children's playground, Japanese garden, Sky garden, volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court.
  • Legal: Long-term ownership for Vietnamese, 50 years for foreigners
  • Procedure estimated time: 1st quarter of 2024

Project location

The location of the MT Eastmark City project is adjacent to the HCMC - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway and the Ring Road 3, passing through 4 provinces: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Long An. Residents can easily connect to the 1-2 high-tech zone and the new Eastern Bus Station from the project location. In addition, MT Eastmark City is located adjacent to many urban areas and high-tech centres of Thu Duc city, such as Vinhomes Grand Park metropolitan area, Dong Tang Long urban area, Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park 2 (project),...

Besides, there are a variety of external facilities, such as:

  • A series of quality schools at all levels
  • The project is only 900m from Long Truong Market
  • 4km from Rach Chiec Golf Course
  • 6km from Suoi Tien Tourist Area,...

Project adaptation

MT Eastmark City ensures residents live amidst a modern urban while providing privacy and security and thoroughly enjoying all the amenities the high-end residential community aims for Pioneer in creating "expert standard" high-class apartments in the centre of Thu Duc, MT Eastmark City brings the elite community the privileged experiences of a normal lifestyle."

  • Independent administration and operation from a seasoned and skilled unit with a 24-hour security system, ensuring complete safety for families and kids.
  • Utility privileges: enjoy a variety of high-class facilities only for residents of MT Eastmark City.
  • Due to innovative apartment design and keeping up with contemporary technology trends, each family is guaranteed the maximum amount of solitude—the luxury of private space and individualized experience.

Green living privilege: MT Eastmark City is entirely green with a system of swimming pools, tropical parks, and surrounding rivers, giving residents a rare fresh living environment in the middle of the city.

Project price

During the past two years, despite many fluctuations due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, house prices in Ho Chi Minh City still escalated. The current popular price level is from 55 to more than 100 million VND/m2. In particular, luxury projects have exceeded 200 million/m2. Suppose calculating the average price of apartments in the city. 

However, the bottlenecks of investors have also been partly untangled when the real estate market recently appeared unexpected and unprecedented financial support policies, notably "Solutions for property ownership" house with finance under 1 billion" of MT Eastmark City complex.

The latest price list of Eastmark City MT in September 2022 ranges from 36 to 40 million/m² specifically as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment (59.55 – 65.35 m2): 2.1 billion to 2.3 billion VND
  • 2 bedroom apartment (65.95 – 73.39 m2): 2.3 billion to 2.6 billion VND
  • 3 bedroom apartment (88.88 – 99.89 m2): 3.1 billion to 3.5 billion VND
  • Duplex apartment (126.16 – 195.50 m2): 4.5 billion to 7 billion VND

Sale policy

Only from 39 million/m2 for a luxury apartment. Parallel to that is the solution package: with only an initial capital of about 700 million VND (equivalent to 30% of the apartment value), customers can safely receive the house, and the bank loans 70% of the remaining amount and disbursement according to the project progress.

  • Bookings are 100% refundable
  • Pay only 30% until you receive the house
  • Support 70% loan with 0% interest for 18 months
  • Discount 3% for wholesale customers, 5% for wholesale customers of 3 bedrooms

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  • Project overview
  • Project: The Alpha Residence - The 9 Stellars
  • Investor: Ngan Thanh Corporation
  • Project developer: Sonkim Land
  • Location: The 9 Stellars Urban area, Hoang Huu Nam street, Long Binh ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Scale: Total area 12.5 ha, one tower with 38 floors, three basements, 515 apartments
  • Type of apartment: 
    • 1 Bedroom: 51m² – 56m²
    • 2 Bedrooms: 71m² – 79m²
    • 3 Bedrooms: 98m² – 102m²
    • Penthouse: 132m² – 171m²
  • Estimated amenities: centre, outdoor coffee, living hall, fitness room, community room, personal garden, swimming pool, children swimming pool, hot tub, Sauna, outdoor bathrooms, dressing room, yoga, children's playroom and private rooftop garden
  • Legal: Long-term ownership for Vietnamese, 50 years for foreigners
  • Hand over estimated time: 1st quarter of 2024
  • Sample project: No. 39 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

Project location

The 9 Stellars owns a beautiful location with three fronts of Hoang Huu Nam - Le Van Viet - Nguyen Van Tang street in District 9, Thu Duc city. The infrastructure and economy of the East Saigon region have been rapidly developing in this area. With convenient access via the Hanoi Highway and critical linkages, including Ring Roads 2 and 3, and a metro line that runs from Thu Thiem to the Long Thanh International Airport

The 9 Stellars, a unique project strategically situated directly next to the Metro station, will assist inhabitants in developing an active lifestyle similar to that of London. Leading foreign specialists and young technology enthusiasts will congregate in the creative hub, helping to create a global knowledge network that will include The 9 Stellars' future owners.

Project adaptation


The Alpha Residence is conveniently located within walking distance of destinations and encourages residents to increase their use of high-quality public transport such as buses and subways. The Alpha Residence has a comprehensive area connectivity advantage, and the Metro line and the Eastern bus route are near this project. The Alpha Residence connects residents with essential areas of Thu Duc, such as Hi-Tech Park, University Village, and the significant districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, the direct connection to the metro line helps to increase the value of the real estate in the area.


The Alpha Residence, a member of The 9 Stellars, sets the bar for urban living owing to innovative solutions created by Qualcomm, the top technology company in the world. The 5G platform and other wireless technologies are easily applied to manage internal security and living utilities, offering safety, security, and comfort. SonKim Land and Qualcomm will work together on The 9 Stellars to transform this project into a smart city after those in developed nations Worldwide.

  • AI View Camera
  • Smart City Pole
  • Bright Lighting + Wifi Mess
  • Intelligent Operation Center
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Publish Pole + IoT HUB
  • Smart Info Kiosk
  • Smart Bus Shelter
  • Smart Parking

Project price

The Alpha Residence currently sells about 69 million per square meter for apartments and 125 million per square meter for villas. The cost of The 9 Stellars is reasonably priced when compared to comparable items in the area. SonKim Land has precisely positioned The 9 Stellars at a high-end - luxury level so that the price above is reasonable.

Sale policy

The project now has full legal documents and records, including Land handover approval, 1/500 total site approval, project investment approval, and environmental impact assessment approval (EIA) ). In addition, the project has also been paid land use fees.

1. Booking Amount: 100,000,000 VND/booking

2. Offers and Interest rates apply:

  • Booking in March: Deposit 3% of the selling price
  • Booking in April: Deposit 2% of the selling price
  • Booking from May 1 onwards: Deposit 1% of the selling price
  • The discount is deducted directly from the sale or rental price
  • Preferential interest rate 5%/year/booking.
  • Interest is calculated from the date the Client makes full payment of the Temporary Deposit to the end date of the Event. Interest is deducted directly from the sale or rental price.
  • If the Customer refunds before the Event date, no interest will be charged
  • Customers only pay 25%, and the Bank supports 45% disbursement until the discussion

More details about: THE ALPHA RESIDENCE



  • Project overview
  • Project name: Urban Green
  • Investor: Kusto Home
  • Location: No.6, Quarter 6, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Scale: Total area: 20,204 m2, two towers (The Bliss, The Aster), 23 floors, 735 apartments, 39 shophouses
  • Type of apartments: 
    • 1 Bedroom: 50-55m²
    • 2 Bedrooms: 65-90 m²
    • 3 Bedrooms: 102-118m²
    • 4 Bedrooms: 174-202m²
  • Amenities expected: Community room, kindergarten, Landscape Park, Convenience Store, BBQ grill, Zen garden, Outdoor Jacuzzi, spa and sports complex zon 
  • Legal: Long-term ownership for Vietnamese, 50 years for a foreigner
  • Procedure estimated time: 2024
  • Sample project: Diamond island, Thoi Dai bridge, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project location

  • Urban Green is located in a prime area of Thu Duc city. Thu Duc is a potential area for developing demand and value for residential real estate projects.
  • Location: No.6 St, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc city.
  • Just 5 minutes to get to 2 Metro stations of the 3B line.
  • 10 minutes to get to District 1.
  • Directly connected to National Highway 13, a dynamic traffic route connects Thu Duc City to Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong New City. This route plans to widen the road by 60m with a total investment of nearly 10 trillion VND, which has been committed to deploy and complete before 2025. 
  • Numerous external facilities are already in place to meet people's daily needs.
  • Gigamall Hypermarket, Bình Triệu Coopmart , Emart supermarket, Vincom Plaza Go Vap, Big C
  • Law University, Van Lang University, Nguyen Khuyen High School, and other schools from primary to high school
  • Hanh Phuc International Hospital, Van Phuc Hospital, Anh Minh general hospital, 175 Military Central Hospital

Project adaptation

Urban Green is a true home dedicated to every family member; its facilities are suitable for any generation in the family. Urban Green is the first family-focused apartment project in the future innovation and technology city- Thu Duc City. Urban Green redefines the modern urban culture of the town and pioneers a new way of life through its healthy living areas and vibrant shophouses.

Project price

The latest price list of Urban Green Thu Duc in September 2022:

  • 1 Bedroom (50-55m²): 3.0 - 3.3 Billion.
  • 2 Bedrooms/1Wc (65 – 73 m2): 3.9 – 4.3 Billion.
  • 2 bedrooms/2Wc (80 - 90m2): 4.8 - 5.4 Billion.
  • 3 bedrooms/2Wc (102 - 118m2): 6.1 - 7.1 billion.
  • 4 bedrooms/3Wc (174 - 202m2): 10.4 - 12.1 billion.

Sale policy

  • Includes three flexible payment methods depending on the financial situation of customers:
  • Payment with own capital according to a standard progress
  • Support interest rates on bank loans from investors
  • Quick payment with own capital and get incentives up to 8%

In addition, Urban Green also has the policy to support interest rates on bank loans with an attractive interest rate package:

  • Support interest rate up to 70% of the contract value
  • 0% interest rate within 18 months of the purchase and sale agreement is signed or when the investor provides notification that the apartment has been handed over, whichever occurs first.
  • Free early repayment during the interest rate support period
  • Grace period for principal within one year from the time of disbursement.

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Project Overview

  • Project name: Eco Green Sai Gon
  • Investor: Xuan Mai Sai Gon
  • Location: 107 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Tân Thuận Tây, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
  • Scale: 
  • Total area: 20,204 m2, 8 blocks, 35 floors high, including: 2 basements, 2 floors shophouse + official. Total number of apartments: 4,000 units
  • Type of apartments:
    • 1 bedroom apartment: 44m2
    • 2 bedroom apartment: 52-81 m2
    • 3 bedroom apartment: 86-95 m2
    • Officetel: 25-35 m2
  • Estimated amenities: Community room, children's playground, swimming pool, internal park, Huong Tram park, convenience store, gym.
  • Legal: Long-term ownership for Vietnamese, 50 years for foreigners
  • Procedure estimated time: 2021
  • Sample house: 107 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Tân Thuận Tây, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Project location

Location Eco Green Saigon is in front of Nguyen Van Linh street, right at Tan Thuan bridge, directly connecting District 4 of Ho Chi Minh City. Eco Green Saigon is located between the three largest urban areas in Saigon city: District 1, Phu My Hung metropolitan area (District 7) and Thu Thiem new urban area (District 2). It takes 7 minutes to move to District 1 via Nguyen Tat Thanh - Tan Thuan Bridge in District 4.

It is located on the main road with 12 lanes, making it convenient to move everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City. Directly connect Thu Thiem 4 to Thu Thiem Urban Area, District 2 or Phu My Bridge (1km). As a direct connection, it is easy to go to Western provinces such as Long An, Tien Giang, and Can Tho through Nguyen Van Linh road. It connects with Dong Nai - Vung Tau province via Phu My bridge.

With an inherent prime location, Residents living at Eco Green Saigon enjoy the entire modern utility system of Phu My Hung urban area and the surrounding area:

  • Trade Center: Crescent mall, Coopmart supermarket, Parkson Paragon area, Vivocity shopping area, Tan My market.
  • Medical facilities: Phap Viet International Hospital, Tam Duc Hospital, District 7 General Hospital.
  • Educational Institutions: Kindergarten, 1-2-3 Primary School, Ton Duc Thang University, Marketing University, RMIT University, College of Business Administration, Police University...
  • The 22-hectare Huong Tram Park, Crescent Mall, Anh Sao Bridge, Phu My Hung Golf Course, tennis court, Crescent Mall theatre, Parkson, and Vivocity

The project's location is highly appreciated by experts & investors because of its potential development position & high price appreciation in the future.

Project adaptation

At Eco Green Saigon, in addition to the advantages of having a large green area thanks to the 3.5ha central park and 20ha Huong Tram park, the 69-storey hotel tower Hyatt Place Saigon is managed by Hyatt - a high-class hotel management group. The world's leading operator, conference and event centre with a scale of up to 2,300m2. Eco Green is also home to a large shophouse fund and a golden location in Saigon South, creating attractive profit potential for savvy investors.

In the past few years, the shophouse model (commercial townhouse) has just appeared, but it is still "making a storm" in the real estate market, especially in the central areas of big cities, thanks to its high efficiency—diversified, high liquidity, good potential for a profitable business.

Shophouse Eco Green Saigon has an average area of ​​​​50m2 - 180m2, designed as a duplex apartment with a height of more than 10m, with 2 to 3 floors and two separate aisles, a total floor area of ​​​​100 - 360m2. Suitable for living and trading a variety of products and services. With a place as diverse as Eco Green Saigon shophouse, customers will have a variety of business forms such as restaurants, cafes, foreign language centres, mini supermarkets, fashion stores, beauty salons, and furniture showrooms, following the needs and tastes of customers. If there is no need for self-business, customers can completely sublease the first floor to make a monthly profit. In addition, this is also a type of investment with high liquidity and attractive profit potential that investors actively seek. With an attractive price, it will be a "golden egg" for investors in the future.

Project's shophouse

  • Design: Eco Green shophouse apartment is designed with two floors, with a height of about 10m, like a Duplex apartment.
  • Several apartments: 45 units. In which: Shophouse frontage Nguyen Van Linh 2 Block HR1 - HR2; Shophouse front street N3 view Huong Tram park internal area 3.5ha Block HR3.
  • Area: 107m2 - 327m2
  • Type of Shophouse: Open floor 1st floor & 2nd floor (with mezzanine floor in the middle)
  • Use form: Both business and residential

E. Sale policy

  • Pay 30% – get a trader right away
  • Business support for the first year – 5% discount on the selling price
  • Discount 18% of shop value (If not using loan package)
  • Banks support 65% loan with 0% interest rate in the first 36 months
  • Early payment of 95% gets an additional 8% discount on the shop value
  • Free interior finishing package worth 500 million VND



According to Forbes, Vietnam's GDP per capita has had the most spectacular rise of all nations

According to Forbes, Vietnam's GDP per capita has had the most spectacular rise of all nations


"Overall, Vietnam's GDP per capita has shown the most impressive growth among all countries in the world. This trend reflects the dynamism of Vietnam's economy and its outstanding development in recent years," said a new article published in Forbes Magazine (USA). Vietnam's GDP per capita increased from 1,650.63 USD in 2006 to 3,373.08 USD in 2021...

The Metropole Thu Thiem

The Metropole Thu Thiem


The year 2018 & 2019 witnessed a substantial transformation of SonKim Land with The Metropole Thu Thiem project with a scale of 7.6 hectares located in the core area of ​​Thu Thiem New Urban, the hottest spot of the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. Right from the launch of the first phase at the end of 2018, The Metropole Thu Thiem was impressed with its prime location and excellent connection between the central area of ​​District 1 and the main districts of Saigon. Still, it also brought a unique modern urban model. 

Binh Duong built a bridge of 570 billion VND to connect with Ho Chi Minh City

Binh Duong built a bridge of 570 billion VND to connect with Ho Chi Minh City


The Binh Goi bridge construction project, with a total investment of 570 billion VND, will connect Thuan An city (Binh Duong) with District 12 (HCMC). The work is part of Project Component 5 of Ring 3 of Ho Chi Minh City, expected to start construction in 2023....

The MarQ: Handshake of real estate legends

The MarQ: Handshake of real estate legends


The MarQ, a rare luxury apartment product in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, brings together four legendary names in the real estate industry: The investor Hongkong Land with a century-long history; P&T design unit with a 1.5-century history; Coteccons construction unit with a market-leading capacity; Savills, a 5-star guarantee operator...