8 Troubles of Property Trustor

Dedicated to real estate management in Vietnam, we help you get through all the troubles

What we can do is to make you do nothing but enjoy

Join VIProperty, worry less and earn more

Gift Worth of $990 +up to $14,000 special offer

  • • $20/month free of repairing fee
  • • $150 worth of Deap cleaning before Tenant moves in
  • • $200 worth of Deap cleaning and simple repairing before Tenant moves out
  • • $400 worth of inspections of the Property quarterly for identifying and actioning maintenance
  • • Up to $14,000 free high-end furniture set after entrust expires

Provide comprehensive property entrusting plan

  • 01.

    Listing Service

    Complete butler-manner property entrusting service, making you free from concerns for income risk from vacant period

    Stable Income Added Values Risk-free
  • 02.

    Agency Service

    Potential tenants to be found by VIProperty for your property

    Touring Contract Signing Stable Tenants
  • 03.

    Entrusting Service

    Post-renting management services to be provided for you and your tenants

    Value Holding Maintenance Daily Services

Entrust to VIProperty and Enjoy Your VIP Services

  • Furniture Package
  • Commission
  • Vacant Period
  • Cleaning service before check-in
  • Property daily maintenance
  • Apartment touring
  • Cleaning upon check-out
  • Property insurance
  • Rental payment Collecting service
  • Rental contract renewal
  • Not provide
  • 1 month
  • One month or more
  • $150
  • Not covered
  • Not covered
  • Not covered
  • Not covered
  • Not covered
  • Not covered
  • Free up to $14.000
  • Zero commission
  • 15 days rent for free
  • Free
  • Free under $50
  • Professional consultant for property touring
  • Free
  • Property insurance for free
  • Monthly on-time rent remitting
  • Dedicated team for rent contract renewal

Customized Lease Terms

VIProperty customizes diversified lease terms and seek targeted tenants for landlords

  • High-End Service Apartments

    High-end service apartments located in downtown area with cozy living spaces provided and comprehensive home services of top amenities.

  • Selected Service Apartment

    Selected service apartments in downtown area focusing on both design and comfort, perfectly matching your elegance in life.

Entrusting Process to VIProperty

  • STEP

    Entrust Properties to VIProperty

  • STEP

    Property Condition Check

  • STEP

    Rent Price Assessment

  • STEP

    Lease Plan Making

  • STEP

    Lease Contract Signing-up

  • STEP

    Post-rental Management Services

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