VIProperty User Agreement

Website ( is owned and operated by VIProperty. User agrees to VIProperty terms of service and privacy policies since the completion of signing-up.

VIProperty reserves all right to revise the contents terms of service without notifying users. Upon revision, VIProperty will publish its revision notification made on corresponding web pages. User reserves the right for service withdrawal when disagreeing to the terms. By continuing the use of the services provided by VIProperty, it is deemed that user agrees and accepts the revision made to the terms.

1. Service Statement

VIProperty provides one-stop real estate services in Vietnam including: consulting for the property investment plan, handling property purchase process, managing property for trustors, covering the whole life cycle of the real estate investment in Vietnam; It also includes house renting services for high-end customers living or working in Vietnam with post-renting services such as customized commute and butler services. Unless otherwise stated, this statement applies to the condition where any change or enhancement to existing services, including newly launched product and service.

To use the services provided by VIProperty, user needs to have legitimate access to the Internet with cost on his/her own. User also needs to have related devices for service fulfillment.

2. Law Abidance

User agrees to abide by laws and regulations. User is considered fully responsible for all actions and results since service activation with the required awareness that unlawful actions is legally prosecutable.

VIProperty reserves the right to terminate service for whoever is with proven possibilities of any violation against laws or regulations.

3. User Qualification

Terms do not apply to users that are locked or deleted in the system. User shall not have multiple valid user accounts or sell or transfer the user account to any third party. Violation to any above stated leads to user disqualification.

Unqualified users will be deprived of rights of continuing the services by VIProperty.

4. Registration Rule

While signing up, user needs to ensure authenticity, validity and integrity for info user submits. Any proven possibility of the violation entitles VIProperty with the rights to restrict user from his/her access to the web site or terminate its service partially or fully.

The username submitted should not infringe other users’ legitimate information or reputations.

VIProperty reserves the rights to withdraw the usernames without user’s agreement which possibly violates or inclines to any violation.

VIProperty reserves the rights to withdraw the usernames without user’s agreement which possibly violates or inclines to any violation.

User is obligated to ensure the password safety and is deemed to be fully responsible for any due upcoming consequence, including but not limited to loss to user himself/herself, or to holdings of VIProperty or to any other third party. User should log out of the system after service usage completion per each occurrence, otherwise user’s password security can’t be guaranteed.

If there is any unauthorized use of the username and password or any other security issues, user is responsible for immediate notification to VIProperty.

5. Rules of Use

Upon successful user sign-up, a legitimate system user is established by VIProperty. Each user has a username (cellphone number or E-Mail address) and a password designated by user before user sign-up completion. User is obligated for the password security and is fully responsible for all actions conducted under the username with which user logs in. If user deliberately provides the username and password to any third party, the use account will be temporarily locked or terminated. If there is any password leak or unauthorized use or any other security concerns, user need to notify VIProperty in an immediate manner. VIProperty takes no responsibility for any loss caused directly or indirectly from violations against any or some of the requirements stated above.

6. User Behavior

Before user sign-up completion, user needs ensure the authenticity of the provided information to VIProperty accordingly. User is considered to take full responsibility for any consequence directly or indirectly caused by inaccuracy, fraudulence or inauthenticity of the provided information to VIProperty.

User needs to abide by corresponding laws and regulation in the request for or in the use of the services provided by VIProperty. As possibility detected for any violation against below conditions, VIProperty reserves the right to terminate the services to user at any time without pre-notification:

  1. (1) Conducting any public statement or action in the violation against the laws or regulations.
  2. (2) Uploading, posting or forwarding any illegal, reactionary, obscene, vulgar content.
  3. (3) Uploading, posting or forwarding any harassment, defamation, infringement causing privacy damage or discredit to the reputation of others or goodwill.
  4. (4) Uploading, posting or forwarding any racial discrimination or other inappropriate content, including but not limited to text, picture, video information or in any other format.
  5. (5) Making the use of the other person’s or entity’s features, characteristics, market images, commercial holdings or other socially popularized symbols for a recognition mix-up for profitable purposes.
  6. (6) Conducting any product or service advertising campaign unrelated to VIProperty or its holdings in any form.
  7. (7) Conducting inappropriate actions identified by VIProperty.

7. Intellectual Property Protection

All intellectual properties within VIProperty or its website or its corresponding services (including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademark, logo, service identifier, trade name, design, in regardless of registered or not), web content, service content, backend operational database, website design, text or chart, software, picture, video, audio or combinations of any above, all software programming, source code or scripts, all legal property or content owned or managed by VIProperty.

Unless authorized with written consent by VIProperty, any of the above material shall not be reproduced, forwarded, copied, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form. Nor shall they be sold, leased or sublet in any manner in redevelopment, or in any other commercial use. However, user can retrieve and display web content on the computer screen, and electronically stored on the hard disk the contents (but shall not be stored on server or other network-based storage disc), and personal content printing for non-commercial purpose on the condition that its copyrights or proprietary rights shall not be modified. Without VIProperty permission, the user shall not copy, forward, download, modify, transmit or utilize any material or content on the site for commercial purposes.

8. International Use

Considering the internationality nature of Internet, user agrees to comply with all applicable local laws and regulations, including but not limited to, all applicable laws and regulations related to Guidelines for Online Action and Content Distribution. User agrees to comply with all applicable laws concerning the technology exportation restriction of and data transmission enforced in local country or area, e.g. China.

9. Information Publication on VIProperty

The ‘public areas for service usage’ means where ordinary user has access to. User agrees that VIProperty reserves the rights to use or forward the information posted on the public area within the site, which is free of charge, valid and irrevocable. Besides, VIProperty reserves the right to revise, copy or translate on user-submitted contents internally or externally. User takes full responsibility for the information transmitted to VIProperty. VIProperty is not responsible for any inaccuracy or omission. VIProperty is not obligated to ensure the authenticity of the user identity or the authenticity of the information submitted by user.

10. Privacy Policy

VIProperty respects the privacies of user. For more details please refer to Privacy Policy.

11. Communication

User agrees to receive corresponding emails for the services or newsletters from VIProperty. User also agrees that VIProperty can utilize user’s name and/or email address in the email subject.

12. Change, Suspension or Termination on Service

Any functional or non-functional service adjustment due to system maintenance or upgrade, VIProperty will try to put a notice on the website in advance.

VIProperty reserves unilateral rights to suspend or terminate services to users without notice in below conditions:

  1. (1) Submission of counterfeit information to VIProperty.
  2. (2) Violation against the terms outlined on this page.
  3. (3) Commercial use of VIProperty without consent.

13. Enhancement and Revision

VIProperty reserves the rights to enhance and revise the terms based on changes of corresponding laws and regulations. VIProperty reserves the right to enhance and modify at any time. While using the services by VIProperty, it’s necessary for user to carefully read and confirm the terms. In case of any dispute, please refer to the Terms of Service of the latest version.

14. Special Agreement

Any user behavior which violates the laws or regulations or third party’s interests or rights, VIProperty has the right to delete corresponding information from the user and suspend or terminate services to the user.

User takes full responsibility using services of VIProperty to conduct any illegal infringements. The financial loss caused by this will be fully at the user side.

VIProperty reserves the final right to interpret on this document and its contents.